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archive-title Yearly Archives: 2018

Yearly Archives: 2018

Higher Living Cambodia’s Move Toward Modern Apartments and High Rises

Phnom Penh’s skyline is rising, with larger developments being erected in every central neighborhood. The city shows no sign of slowing its construction, but traditional-style apartments still appeal to many Phnom Penh families. High rise apartments are beginning to cast shadows over the traditional Khmer-style houses that blanket Phnom Penh. These buildings offer an array […]

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Making its debut in the Kingdom in 2016, Mo-Mo-Paradise, one of Asia’s top hotpot brands, has brought authentic Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki soups to Cambodia. From a humble beginning in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Mo-Mo-Paradise first opened in 1993 in the busiest administrative and commercial sector of Tokyo. Since then, the restaurant has expanded into to more […]

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The Hard Rock Cafe Comes to Phnom Penh

The Hard Rock Cafe has arrived in Phnom Penh. What can customers expect from a visit to the legendary restaurant and rock ’n’ roll bar? Since it’s arrival in Siem Reap in 2014, the Hard Rock Cafe has proved to be more than just a cafe. Coffee shop and eatery, bar and live music venue, […]

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Frog Cambodian-Made Shoes and Accessories

With multi-season durability and a keen eye for smart casual fashion, Frog provides top quality leather shoes that are designed and made in Cambodia. We talk to Koung Hu, the brand’s owner and founder, to find out what makes Frog shoes so unique. ‘Frog’ might seem like an unusual name for a shoe store. But […]

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FLore Garden Flower Shop

Nearby Wat Langka in BKK1’s shady streets, Fioré Garden – named for the Italian word for flower – has been sweetening up the neighborhood since September 2016. Trendz sits down with Kanha, one of Fioré’s founders and expert florist. If you want to talk to Kanha, you can usually find her arranging bouquets or spending […]

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Trendz Fashionista

Life isn’t Perfect But your Outfit Can Be There’s a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, meaning that what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another. Some women are very simple in their style – not even lipstick or powder on their face – but being too simple […]

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Epic Club

Epic Club opened in 2014 to satisfy local urbanites’ thirst for delicious beverages and roof-raising club music. “Back then, in the city we didn’t have proper places for Khmer people (especially Khmer youth) to enjoy a quality night out,” says the club’s co-owner, DJ Illest. “Since, the economy in Cambodia is better than before, and […]

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Elly Bakery

Ms Muy Dalen, owner of Elly bakery, was a big fan of Youtube. In particular, she loved the videos that showcased the creation of fabulous, out-of-this-world cakes. Seeing the lack of modern bakeries in her own city, she decided to do something. Using her beloved Youtube as an instructor, she learned to bake cakes herself, […]

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Do You Have A Good Family Doctor?

You may have a disease. You may be just feeling tired or can’t fall asleep. Perhaps one fine evening, you may have had a few extra shots of whisky that shattered your usual tough discipline and you ended up in bed with a new acquaintance. Thereafter, you are riddled with guilt and fear of contracting […]

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How to Get a Credit Card in 3 Easy Steps

Thanks to the blossoming financial sector, getting a credit card in Cambodia has become easier than ever before. Banks and microfinance institutions are opening their doors to the largely untapped financial market in the Kingdom, and driving up their customer benefits. With such a diverse range of options when it comes to cards, people are […]

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