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Category Archives: Entertainment

Epic Club

Epic Club opened in 2014 to satisfy local urbanites’ thirst for delicious beverages and roof-raising club music. “Back then, in the city we didn’t have proper places for Khmer people (especially Khmer youth) to enjoy a quality night out,” says the club’s co-owner, DJ Illest. “Since, the economy in Cambodia is better than before, and […]

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How to Get a Credit Card in 3 Easy Steps

Thanks to the blossoming financial sector, getting a credit card in Cambodia has become easier than ever before. Banks and microfinance institutions are opening their doors to the largely untapped financial market in the Kingdom, and driving up their customer benefits. With such a diverse range of options when it comes to cards, people are […]

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Container Craze

It’s Saturday night and the sun is going down. After navigating my way through the traffic heading towards Aeon Mall, I see Jet’s Container Night Market light up the otherwise dim and quiet neighborhood. Already I can feel a buzz in the air, as wafts of mouthwatering aromas drift across the evening air and the […]

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The Need for Speed

Satisfy the daredevil in you with these speedsters in Phnom Penh. I am always hunting for new things to try in town. So when I heard that there was a go kart circuit in Phnom Penh, you couldn’t keep me away. Having never driven before, I knew I was in for a challenge. Fortunately, you […]

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Redefining Reality

Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. Today, it is available not only through expensive technologies but on your smartphone. We explore the options. The idea of virtual reality has been around since the 1950s, when inventive cinematographers wanted to create immersive experiences that offered more for the senses than just sight and […]

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Climbing Rocks!

With indoor and outdoor climbing facilities springing up around Cambodia, we chat to climbers in the Kingdom, and explain what those new to the sport should expect. Climbing is on the rise as a popular hobby across the world right now. It has been officially added to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and the availability […]

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The Writing on the Wall: Street Art in Phnom Penh

Seven years ago Boeung Kak Lake was a thriving community – a Mecca for the backpackers who filled its hostels and bars, where fisherman rowed their boats and cast their nets, and the sun set every night over the water. Today, the water has disappeared, replaced with sand to make way for a development project, […]

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Along for the Ride: Cycling in the Kingdom

Cycling is a vigorous activity usually taken up by more adventurous travelers. Whether in the city or on the open road, cyclists in Cambodia can see a lot from the seat of their bike. And with several cycle groups offering tours, it’s no longer a niche activity. Can more road users be convinced to swap […]

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Cambodia’s Hollywood Rebirth

Cambodia’s Hollywood Rebirth The Cambodian film industry, reeling from the tragic events of the not-too-distant past, is making incredible moves forward. With a rise in the production of original films, touching scenes that deal with issues Cambodian audiences will recognize, and contributions from both local and foreign filmmakers, the nation’s film scene is steadily reaping […]

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Healing Through the Arts: Cambodia’s Circus

The circus is coming to town. But it’s providing more than a night of wonders and entertainment – jobs for young aspiring performers are opening up center stage. Circus traditions in Cambodia can be traced back to the pre-Angkorian era. In Angkor Wat, several temples depict images of circus performances on their walls. Unfortunately, from […]

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