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post-title Catherine V Harry, Blogger

Catherine V Harry, Blogger

Catherine V Harry, Blogger

Catherine V Harry, Blogger

You may have heard of her vlog, “A Dose of Cath”, but there is so much more to this writer, blogger and social media maven. Trendz sits down with Catherine V Harry to see what makes her tick, and what ticks her off.

Blogging is the forte of the many who wish to share their experiences, their travels, or the finer details of their lives, with the viewing public. Not only can it be fun, blogging is a powerful tool for the quiet ones among us to have our words on important matters put out there for the world to see. Especially for those who aren’t big fans of small talk.

The blogging traffic among Cambodian youth is as ever-growing as mushrooms in this busy city. The young and restless believe that the platform grants a brilliant opportunity to speak up on significant issues in a rigid stereotypical society, and explore hot topics never pressed before. My sit-down with Catherine Harry, the founder of “A Dose of Cath”, certainly proved this.

Single-handedly juggling multiple jobs as a content producer during the daytime, Catherine Harry is doing her degree at PUC in the evening and pulls an activist nightowl on Wednesday at midnight to film her vlogs – all to fight on the behalf of the quiet ones, speaking out what needs to be spoken.

“A Dose of Cath” was founded when Catherine was only 17, when she got hooked on feminism talks. The brilliant young mind also revealed that her heavy reading at an early age shaped her into who she is today. With journal after journal, Cath has been honing her craft.

Taboo subjects such as victim-blaming, body image, beauty standards and sex education are something Catherine is known for and she is embracing it. When asked, “Why all these taboo subjects?” Catherine expressed how important it is that we do not shy away from raising our voice. It might not be about you, but it might be about someone else who is too quiet, or silenced, to say it. “If not now, when?”

You could say that the blogging game is not too far removed from taking medicine. Some find it curative. Some at least find it a placebo. And a dose of Cath surely brings this analogy to life.

Dealing with the backlash is never easy. Trolls can easily manipulate you into self-doubt. Catherine unveiled that the most important part of doing her job is having a strong circle of support from her loved ones. If anyone plans on taking a path similar to her, having a firm base of support should be in their survival plan.

I went on imploring the young writer to reveal who her inspiration is in writing and blogging. She pointed out that the eminent Jane Austen of Pride and Prejudice fame and Laci Green, an American vlogger, play big roles in influencing what she does and how she sees herself.

In my last session talking with Catherine, I exchanged a penny for her thoughts on a tricky subject. “What one thing would you like to change in this society?”


Catherine spoke in term of both sexes. Male and female. She believes both should respect each other for their opinions, as society does not seem to be heading this way anytime soon. The glass ceiling is still up high for all of us. Both men and women need to work hand in hand for equality. It is not women’s work alone. Feminism is about the equality of both sexes standing out in society.

Catherine Harry’s latest video blog pokes fun at what to do and what not to do during menstruation, and has racked up 232,000 views. Having a dose should probably be on your list. Refer to her Facebook page A Dose of Cath for the fun and thought-provoking video!


BY: Chhem Sreynet

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