Elly Bakery

Elly Bakery

Ms Muy Dalen, owner of Elly bakery, was a big fan of Youtube. In particular, she loved the videos that showcased the creation of fabulous, out-of-this-world cakes. Seeing the lack of modern bakeries in her own city, she decided to do something. Using her beloved Youtube as an instructor, she learned to bake cakes herself, enhancing her skills with classes at bakery schools in Cambodia and Thailand. Eventually she felt ready to start a baking business of her own, and opened the doors of Elly Bakery in BKK1 last year.

At the beginning of her venture as a confectioner, Dalen ran a social media campaign that introduced her brand of baking to the public. Asking her friends to try her cakes and give feedback, she fine-tuned her recipes until her baked goods were among the best in town. Having just started the business, she ran into some inevitable obstacles. Without a delivery system, the shop became crowded with eager customers making orders. Now, it’s so easy to order that you can just phone Dalen up or message her via her Facebook page to request a cake. You can even send in a photo of the cake you want, and she’ll whip it up for you.

Taking a look at the variety at Elly Bakery, it’s easy to see why the little shop got so popular so fast. Not only do the cakes look incredible – they taste great too! Starting with soft sponge interiors with many flavours to choose from (Trendz recommends the durian and pandan flavours), customers can request their own cake concept to top it off. Anniversary? Dalen can sculpt a couple sitting on a bench by a lake. Birthday? She can create the birthday boy or girl’s favourite character. The possibilities are endless.

“I am really excited when people give me their concept of the cake and tell me design it however I want. I just want to make sure it looks nice,” says Dalen. “I get really excited for it because I can design it and make many more creative cake designs based on what they want, since creating cakes is the thing I love the most.”

But it’s not all about ordering and eating cake. Interestingly, Elly Bakery has many more services to choose from, including cake rental. For some weddings, the happy couple prefer not to have a real cake. Tall and towering cake decorations can could cost thousands of dollars to buy, so instead, they opt to rent a cake from Dalen that is made from paper and icing. It looks the part without breaking the bank. But real wedding cakes are on the menu too, and Dalen can cook up many-tiered wonders for special days.

Asked about her ambitions for the business, Dalen says that she wants to build momentum by establishing more bakeries around Phnom Penh. She dreams that one day customers will be able to visit their local store for their convenience. Until then, she will be serving up the sweet stuff from her flagship shop on Street 360.

Promotions and exclusive iOne discount

As an iOne customer, you are entitled to a 10% discount on cakes by Elly Bakery.

Contact details

Elly Bakery is located at No. 7B, Street 360, BKK 3, Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh. You can find them on Facebook as Elly Bakery, or phone to make an order on 093 777 309.