FLore Garden Flower Shop

FLore Garden Flower Shop

Nearby Wat Langka in BKK1’s shady streets, Fioré Garden – named for the Italian word for flower – has been sweetening up the neighborhood since September 2016. Trendz sits down with Kanha, one of Fioré’s founders and expert florist.

If you want to talk to Kanha, you can usually find her arranging bouquets or spending time among Fioré Garden’s fragrant blooms. Inspired by her degree in home decoration, the young entrepreneur set out to create a business devoted to the more natural adornments of interior design, and the result is the spell-binding walk-in botanical paradise of Fioré Garden Flower shop.

“Home decoration is my area and I love flowers, so yeah. Fioré happened!” Kanha smiles.

With floral imports from locations as diverse as Thailand, China, and Europe, Fioré Garden brings in wide range of blossoms that create a naturally perfumed, fragrant atmosphere inside the shop. Open up the baby blue front door and you will be welcomed by such sweet-smelling and varicolored favorites as daisies, English roses, sunflowers, lavender, and more.

“Bright-colored flowers are for lovers while the subtler ones are for parents. We always offer to pick out the right flowers for the person,” Kanha adds.

Kanha tells me that on Valentine’s Day, a popular choice is red roses, while Mother’s Day brings orders for pink blossoms.

Fioré Garden has found popularity among all age groups due to price tags that suit any budget. “We offer affordable prices for everyone. Even if you’re in high school, you can still spare a sum for your mom on her special day.”

The unique selling point that marks Fioré Garden out from other florists is the incredible amount of gift wrapping options they stock for your flowers. From woven baskets to glass vases, paper-packed bouquets to boxes inhabited by cutesy stuffed animals, Fioré Garden ensures that your gift is unique. You can even opt for one of their delectable macaroni boxes!

Working with flowers looks a treat, but Kanha admits that working with fresh products isn’t always easy. “Business is not always fulfilling. There are times that you come across obstacles. There is a limit on the lifetime of the flowers, they don’t last forever. But we have got better at managing it – we get a lot of praise for our freshness. Customers are happy.”

And her top tips for looking after flowers once they’ve found a home? “Flowers need to be trimmed by their roots and kept refrigerated to stay fresh.” Fioré Garden’s flowers last longer because of the care each bloom receives from the store’s expert florists.

When asked about her plans for the future, Kanha reveals that she has ambitions for the little shop. In time she would like to see Fioré Garden Flower shop grow, with new branches blossoming across the city.

Exclusive iOne discount

All iOne privilege and Visa cardholders are entitled to a 10% discount at Fioré Flower Garden.

Contact details

Fioré Garden Flower shop is a florist and professional wedding decorator located on St. 294, Tonle Bassac, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh. They can be reached at 069 751 880 or via their Facebook page. Fioré delivers its beauty capital-wide.