Frog Cambodian-Made Shoes and Accessories

Frog Cambodian-Made Shoes and Accessories

With multi-season durability and a keen eye for smart casual fashion, Frog provides top quality leather shoes that are designed and made in Cambodia. We talk to Koung Hu, the brand’s owner and founder, to find out what makes Frog shoes so unique.

‘Frog’ might seem like an unusual name for a shoe store. But there’s a reason behind the eccentric label: frogs are animals that live both on water and on land, and Frog shoes are durable enough to last in both wet and dry conditions without deteriorating. Unlike other brands, which give in to the wet season rains and give their wearers a headache, Frog shoes can survive wet and rainy conditions and still look smart enough for the office.

Due to their top quality and high fashion designs, people often mistake Frog for an international brand. In fact, Frog is born and bred Cambodian. The owner, Mr Koung Hu, is the Cambodian who came up with the concept to design shoes and bags that would fill a gap and appeal to a Cambodian market.

Koung Hu didn’t go to design school, not did he take a fashion degree. His experience comes from working out designs himself and sending them to the factory to be made. A flexible brand, Frog welcomes its customers to make suggestions for the design of new lines. Color, leather, style – Frog wants to accommodate the personal preferences of its customers, as well as provide them with top quality shoes and accessories.

At first, Frog operated solely online. They used social media to introduce their products and customers made orders through Facebook. Eventually, they opened a showroom at Olympic Market so that customers could try the shoes and check the quality. Today, with the support and encouragement of their loyal fans, they have a permanent shop on Street 360.

Frog is a local brand with a big vision. Hu wants his Cambodian products to compete with international brands, and change the mindset of people who think that quality can only be found internationally. With pride, Hu says that his local products can compete on the world stage.

With designs for both men and women, Frog focuses foremost on quality. Customers comment on the softness and durability of the leather, the comfortable soles, and how long the shoes last without wearing down. With such fine products on offer, it’s no wonder that Frog’s name has spread by word of mouth, with each customer passing on their good experience to friends and family.

Ms Hongmei You, manager at Frog, describes it this way: “When customers put their feet inside the shoes, they always feel comfortable because they are made of original leather such as cow’s leather and sheep’s leather. Then when they take their first steps, it is soft for their whole foot and comfortable to walk.”

One location is not enough for Frog. Eventually, Hu intends to expand the brand by stocking in shopping malls, so that the label is easy for customers to discover. For now, they will continue to deliver top quality shoes and accessories to their loyal customer base.

Promotions and exclusive iOne discount

As an iOne customer, you are entitled to a 10% discount on shoes and accessories at Frog.

Contact details

Frog is located at 22E, Street 360, BKK 3, Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh. You can find them on Facebook as Frog (@frogcambodia), or phone for more information on 012 531 857.