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Trendz Fashionista

Life isn’t Perfect But your Outfit Can Be

There’s a saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, meaning that what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another. Some women are very simple in their style – not even lipstick or powder on their face – but being too simple will not be healthy for your skin. If you don’t like makeup, you can at least give your face some daily skincare, like a toner followed by serum, and moisturizer with SPF30 or higher to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Add a lip care cream to the mix, and make sure you know whether your skin is normal, dry, or oily and choose your products accordingly.

Women who like makeup should apply a toning facial spray and leave it on for a few seconds to tone your skin. Then add serum, lip cream, and a facial moisturizer before starting with a foundation with SPF. It could protect your face from the toxic chemicals in the makeup.

For some other women, there is a lot to do before dressing up. After showing there’s blow-drying the hair, applying makeup, and lastly: choosing that day’s outfit!

Men are simple, especially in terms of shopping. They don’t shop that much, but when they shop they keep it simple and fast. They don’t like to browse things as much as ladies do! Most men have their own way of dressing. Some like to wear t-shirts with denim or a shirt with trousers. Men should wear proper attire according to the event. Don’t show off too much, and hair should be presentably styled and gelled to look fresh and neat.

One of the men’s favorites are shoes and watches. Rubber shoes should be paired with t-shirts, jeans, joggers and a sporty leather watch. Proper ways of pairing casual shoes are trousers, long sleeved shirts and a full suit with a metal watchband.

Every day is a new beginning and every day we must have an outfit to suit the occasion. Ladies, don’t you find that feeling of dressing up makes you feel good and ready to go out? When you’re confident enough to face the outside world because you’re dressed for the part? Some eyes will judge your outfit, and some will make positive comments. But none of these thoughts will affect you if you’re a real Fashionista! That means being proud of who you are and not caring what others say. It’s being who you are in your own unique way!

[Chic spaghetti straps flavored colors body-con and earrings by Janeth de Elegante]

There are three types of Fashionista:

1. Clothes are an expression of your spirit and character

There’s nothing wrong with finding a look that suits you and relying on it. What category best characterizes you? Whether it means keeping to basics or getting creative, these fashionistas find something they feel confidently sexy in and stick with it.

[Flits frock dress, earrings, necklace by Janeth de Elegante]

2. Colors that are an expression of your mood today

Some choose colorful outfits that suit their moods in a daily basis. Mixing up the combination of colors is fun! It describes how happy you are. Let’s admit that when we see colorful outfits the first reaction is to smile. That means a boost to your day by just looking at those colorful dresses.

[Colorful jumpsuit by Mango Woman] [Earrings, bracelet and necklace by Janeth de Elegante]

3. Pairing is exciting

It shows how organized you are when it comes to your outfits. More comfortable wearing the same color of dress, bag, and shoes. Every day it’s a routine for you to wear a matching set of accessories. It defines a person with the passion to make an effort, shopping from one place to another just to match their outfit of the day!

[Black body-con lace cocktail dress] [Black earrings, black ring and black clutch by Janeth de Elegante]

Best outfit for daytime

(For women): A collection of Hot Red outfits, red poise top blouse plus red skinny leather jeans together with a red clutch and elegant red high heels.

[Red blouse & Red Leather Pants by Mango Woman] [Clutch by Bonia] [Red high heels by VNC]

Best Outfit for Dinner date

(For Women): Going on the date of your dreams? Why not dress up for a dinner date. Rock a hot red-rose body-con cocktail dress with overall cape on the shoulder, or a more seductive red body fit cocktail dress curve-hugging your body with earrings. Carry your flirtatious clutch and sport luscious red heels.

[Red-Rose Cocktail dress by e.pse and clutch by Bonia] [Heels by VNC] [Earrings by Janeth de Elegante]

Best outfit for Dinner Date

(For Men): Always remember the best way to make a lady smile on a date are flowers, chocolate or any presents that you know are her favorites. Make a dinner reservation or at least pick a place for drinks. As a man you could impress her by dressing up but don’t get confused or over do it. A casual jacket with an inner soft long sleeved shirt and blue denim jeans will create a youthful look. A simple casual outfit for a lunch date, like a black long sleeve shirt with blue jeans, is confident enough.

[Daytime outfit: long sleeved shirt & blue jeans by Mango Man] [Dinner Date: orange leather zip jacket by Janeth de Elegante)